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Over 100+ mind-blowing files including: Presets, samples, & midi. Clarx pulled out all the stops to help you make your most epic tracks yet!

Product Overview

​✔ 100% Royalty Free

✔ Works on all DAWs that are Serum compatible

✔ Mod Wheel Assigned

50 Serum Presets

23 Basses, 17 Leads, 7 Plucks, 3 Synths


59 Samples Including:

13 Synth 1 Shots, 10 Drum Loops, 8 Fills, 8 Special, 6 Perc, 5 Claps & Snares, 4 FX, 5 Kicks

+ 13 Bonus Midi Files

Software Requirements

Serum version 1.286 or newer

The Reviews Are In.


Sounds good!


I love TEAMMBL's sounds! Quite often

I start the day by just browsing their presets and they've never failed to inspire me to create a new idea.

Dastic Spinnin' Records Artist

Loving all the new SoundBanks... Amazing!


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How To Jonas Aden

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Serum Presets Jonas Aden Style

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