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What does "support" mean?

It means we like your music enough to tell the entire TEAMMBL audience about it! If we love your music, you will get a shout out from us on Instagram and if your track is on Spotify or SoundCloud, we will add you to our support playlists. You can also use this support to get more support from record labels and big DJ's by telling them we support you when submitting your music to them.

What genres do you accept?

We accept all genres. If we love your track, we will support it.

Will I get feedback on my track?

Although we listen to every submission, we cannot reply to all of them as we only have a small & dedicated team. If you would like to work with musicbyLUKAS & our team personally, you can join our Online Music School here for 1-On-1 assistance with growing your music career!

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