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About the Label

Let's face it: If you're an artist, labels can be frustrating.


- They rarely listen to your demos.
- Your track is rarely the right "fit".
- You're treated like you're just another artist on the label.
- Their contracts are hard to understand.

- After being signed, the marketing is usually all on you.
- It's basically all business and no fun.


TEAMMBL® is on a mission to reinvent the record label by starting something completely new that gives you all the pros of being signed, without the typical frustrating cons.

Signing artists

To collaborate

TEAM is in the name. Our vision is to bring together producers, vocalists, instrumentalists, engineers, sound designers, etc. of all electronic genres to collaborate and create new music for our first community EP.

We've selected the platform to help our artists collaborate and amplify their ideas.


Amplified by

Less business

More creativity

Contracts shouldn't require a lawyer to understand. Artists will enjoy all the pros of being signed without the typical cons like unfair royalties, payout thresholds, hidden fees, exclusivity, etc. 


We've chosen to help power our distribution, as they give artists the best distribution experience on the market.