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After you make your purchase, our mixing & mastering engineers will email you to request your track files and answer any questions.


In just 2-3 days (mastering) or 5 days (mixing + mastering), we will send you the final results and your music will sound incredible!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request revisions?

Our team wants to make sure your mix / master is perfect. Because of this, we include up to 2 free revisions with every order!

I have another question that isn't listed.

No problem! We are happy to help. Please feel free to contact us here or click the blue chat icon, at the bottom right of this page.

Do you have any examples of tracks that you've worked on?

Sure! Here are a few tracks we recently worked on:

Will you give me feedback on my track?

Yes! Also, if there's anything wrong with your files / if we have any suggestions about how you could improve them to make the end results of your mixing / masterting even better - We will let you know before we start working on your project.

How do I send you my track files after purchasing?

Our mixing & mastering team will email you after purchasing to request the exact files they need to complete your order. You will be asked to make a folder with your track files and send it to us via Google Drive, Dropbox, or WeTransfer. If you have any futher questions regarding track files, you can contact us here or click the blue chat icon, on the bottom right of this page.

Is there a limit on how many stems I can send for mixing / mixing & mastering?

We have a 50 stem limit for mixing / mixing & mastering.

If you have more stems, you can group them, or we can work on your project for an extra fee:

Up to 75 stems = €15 euros extra.
Up to 100 stems = €25 euros extra.

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