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1 Month of Content Ideas in 60 Seconds

👇 Social media shouldn't take all your time

Today I'll show you how easy coming up with content ideas can be. This will take just 60 seconds for you to read.

🚀 Ok, let's do this!

1️⃣ Reference trending content:

You don't just want content ideas, you want content ideas that have proven to work and will help you build a fanbase for your music.

How to find trending content:

Open Instagram and scroll the "Reels" tab (or the for-you page if you're on TikTok). Instagram will show you the most popular posts that fit your interests. Every time you see a post that you think you could re-create somehow, click "Save" and save that Reel to an album you create called "Content Ideas".

1 month of content ideas in 60 seconds

👇 Let's say you'd like to post 3x per week...

2️⃣ Select your favorite ideas:

After you've got a bunch of saved Reels in your "Content Ideas" folder, scroll through them. All you have to do is find 12 that you'd like to re-create and you've got your post ideas for an entire month!

3️⃣ Batching your ideas each week:

I suggest choosing 1 day each week to film 3 posts with your phone. It should take you around 10 minutes to film each one, so this will be 30 minutes of your time each week.

4️⃣ Edit your content: Edit those post ideas on the Instagram app, add captions, and save in your drafts. You can even do this while you're watching your favorite TV show or YouTube.

5️⃣ Schedule & streamline:

Choose the time & days you'd like to post. For example: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12pm. Make it as easy as possible to stay consistent.

You can also create your own post ideas from scratch without using trending content, but referencing is an amazing tool for inspiration just like with referencing music as a producer.

📆 To make it even easier, I organize all my content, reference accounts, goals, & more on Notion & I made the template available if you'd like to Download. 🎉


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