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Steal This 1 Simple Strategy from Viral Music Artists

👇 Why some artists go viral, but you don't...

If you've ever released a song and posted about it being "out now" on social media, you've probably experienced being let down when your video doesn't perform well...


And this is made even more frustrating when you see other artists posting simple-looking videos about their songs that blow up.


So what do these artists know that you don't? 😅


Grab a notepad in case you get inspired, because today, I'm going to reveal the simple strategy viral music artists do to get views, that you can start doing too...


🔑 The key to unlocking viral content:

Put simply...


🚫 Non-viral: "me" content.

✅ Viral: "us" content.

"Me" content:

- Feels like it's all about you.

- Feels like an announcement.

- Feels boring like you're asking people for a favor.


"Us" content:

- Feels like it's for the viewer.

- Feels like a friend sent them the video. - Feels fun like you're in this together.


So if you want to reach more people, switch your content from being about "me" to being about "us". Here's how to do it: 👇

🚀 How to create viral "Us" content:

⬇️ Here are some examples:

- Make it feel like an escape: Watch

- Make it a performance they experience with you: Watch

- Make them feel like they're now part of the journey/story: Watch

- Make them feel like they were meant to hear it: Watch


*Note: I created a list of all the top content ideas for you so you can save time, I included it for you in my coaching membership here: Link 🔥


🤯 The interesting thing is:

All the examples above are technically promotions of these artists' tracks, just like the "me" content - they just don't feel the same & because of that simple switch...


✅ More people watch/like them.

✅ More people share them.

✅ More people follow these artists.

✅ These videos go viral much more often.

Now that you know about these "us" content techniques, you will notice that nearly every viral music post you see is following this "us" idea.

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That's all for today team,



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