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24 Steps to Grow as a Music Artist in 2024:

🏆 1. Set goals around efficiency, not followers/views:


Efficiency goals like "Deciding who your target audience is" will help you create a system for yourself that will make you grow bigger & make everything easier.


❓ 2. Know your why:


Know why you're doing what you do. Finding your WHY is how you keep going even when times get tough. My why: To make social media easier, less frustrating, & more rewarding for artists.


⚖️ 3. Focus on less & get more:


Don't spread your focus thin... You'll grow faster by choosing 1-2 social platforms to focus, 1-2 topics to post on, etc.


📋 4. Stop overcomplicating. Instead, simplify everything.


Spend less time overthinking and more time doing.

🎯 5. Choose your target audience:


Knowing your target audience's age for example will help you decide which platform to focus on: If they're under 20: TikTok. If older: Instagram or YouTube.


🔍 6. Find your niche:


Maybe you're good at mastering, sound design, and piano. Instead of focusing on all 3, choose your favorite and really focus on that in your content.


👀 7. Embrace your unique edge/hobbies:


If you collect Star Wars memorabilia, put some of it in the background of your videos. if you love audio gear, have that be a part of your videos. These things will help people remember / relate to you.


⭐️ 8. Let your personality shine through:


Lean into your authentic vibes. If you're funny, be funny. If you're more introverted, be introverted.


📈 9. Realize most of your growth will come from just a few posts:


The faster you get used to failing and not having the numbers get you down, the easier it will be to stay consistent and be able to create those few posts that help you grow big.


📊 10. Realize the algorithm isn't against you:


Next time you think it's the algorithm that is doesn't like your content, remember it is actually just a guide telling you that your content isn't quite connecting with your target audience. Figure out your target audience and their interests, bring your unique skills/talents into your videos, experiment more, try different things, and see what is working.

💥 11. Tweak trends:


Instead of copying the exact viral or inspirational video that you see, tweak it slightly to fit your niche.


🔭 12. Use reference accounts:


When you follow other accounts that know how to create epic content, you will get inspired to make your own too.


📆 13. Make organizing everything easy:


I organize all my content, reference accounts, goals, & more on Notion & I made the template available if you'd like to Download. 🔥


✅ 14. Create a checklist of things to do before & after posting:


Example: Add captions, a hook, a call to action, etc. before posting and reply to all comments, comment on similar accounts, etc. after posting.


🦾 15. Stop saying "link in bio" & start using DM automations:


DM automations help your posts & stories perform better and start more conversations with your audience.


⚙️ 16. Make small tweaks every month:


The same video could reach 1-100X the amount of people depending on how it's posted. Make small tweaks often and focus on what works. This is even easier when you focus on less because you can take your time and make tweaks more often.


ℹ️ 17. Write a bio that gets your target audience to follow:


Example: My bio is "Social media coach for music artists". This helps my target audience follow more often.

👥 18. Optimize your posts to get new followers:


Your posts (especially Reels/TikTok) are where the majority of your followers will come from.


🤝 19. Prioritize Instagram Stories for existing followers:


Utilize Stories to build a deeper connection with your followers and help them go from "followers" to "superfans".


🥸 20. Don't try to "fake it till you make it":


Everyone wants to be able to say they knew about you "back when". People want to see your journey. Embrace being an underdog & be real (people will root for you).


🎥 21. Create 2-3 content series:


Your top 2-3 best performing posts should become a series for you to do over and over again. For example, maybe you do a post where you mashup a popular track with a track people wouldn't expect and it goes viral, this should become a series. Series work because people want to binge content they like (just like their favorite Netflix shows).


🛣️ 22. Focus on building a funnel:


What do you want people to do next after following you? Building a funnel is how you get people to go from following you to an end goal like pre-saving your upcoming release, joining your newsletter, etc.


📧 23. Start a simple newsletter & build your email list:


Email subscribers are more important than followers. Why? Because on social media, your posts need to perform well to reach your followers, but there's no algorithm stopping you from reaching your email subscribers. 🚀 24. Start the: #1 Social Media Growth Course for Music Artists:

Artists are already using the Course to go from getting hundreds to millions of views on their content (see below). This is the best way to grow your socials & get your music heard. It covers everything step-by-step from developing your artist brand, to creating the perfect profile, how to come up with content, filming & editing, how to get a following, and more.

How to grow your social media as a music artist.



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