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Get Signed by a Record Label in 3 Steps

Do you want to get signed to your dream label? Are you wondering why record labels aren’t getting back to you on your demos? Today we are going to go through 3 tips to make your music more appealing to record labels in today's industry climate.

Get signed by a record label in 3 steps.

Table of Contents:


1 - Picking The Right Label

Make sure you're sending your music to the right label. While this might seem like an obvious tip, it’s often a good thing to go through what the label has been putting out recently. Scroll through their Instagram or Spotify Playlists to get an idea of their sound. This does not mean you have to send something that sounds exactly like what’s coming out on the label. Tip 2 goes into this in more detail.

How to get signed by a record label.

2 - Make Your Music Stand Out

Let’s say you're making future house and want to send your demo to a label that is centered on focusing on a particular sound. Try putting your own twist on the sound to make your demo stand out more. If you make Tech House, maybe you can create a track that has both elements.

Tips for getting signed by a record label.

This also does not mean you have to reinvent the wheel. It can be small things such as your sound selection and sample selection that can help you create your own signature sound while staying similar to what the record label is releasing.

3 - Build A Support List

Build a support list. Now, this is something I still believe will always help you attract record labels instead of you having to chase them. Both DJs & labels are always looking for what’s next and if your name keeps coming up in tracklists you may very well soon get that email asking for more music. This is something that I experienced myself back when I started getting support on my releases. It made the whole process of finding a record label that wanted to sign the songs easier.

Different ways to get signed by a record label.


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