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3 Steps To Improve Your Workflow In The Studio

Want to finish your songs faster? Do you always get stuck while trying to finish off your tracks? Today we are not only going to talk about that, but also about how you can amp up your tempo in the studio.

3 steps to improve your workflow in the studio.

Table of Contents:


1 - Create Your Own Unique Sample Folder

Create your own sample pack with signature sounds. This is almost like your own construction kit. I make anything from EDM to Jazz so to easen up the process of getting an idea going I would highly recommend creating a different folder for each genre you're working on. You will be able to use your time more efficiently and focus on making the creative process as fun as possible rather than scrolling to find the right loop to use. It also is very helpful when you're having writer's block so you can get a vibe going in a short amount of time!! You can even create sub-folders in the genre for Drums, Percs, FX, ect.

Improving workflow in the studio.

2 - Save Your Settings!

This is a trick I personally use all the time. If I’ve found a way to process lead for instance, I save all the EQ settings, the reverb I’ve used, the compression of the lead, etc. By doing this I’m cutting out time spent on tweaking a sound to making sure it sounds good. I can jump right in and focus on creating the best lead melody possible rather than focusing so much time on the technical aspect.

How to finish your songs faster.

3 - Organize Your Favorite Presets

Like Tip #1, this can be a major time saver when wanting to amp up your speed in the studio. I used to have a very unorganized workflow which left me usually getting stuck on trying to find the perfect bass. I would end up looking and looking for hours. This past year I’ve made sure to take time to organize my favorite presets with all the processing on them to have that option as well to be able to get going as soon as possible. If you start getting remix deadlines where you have to meet a certain date, you want to be able to lay down a solid foundation as fast as possible. This can be a very helpful tool because once you have created that perfect bass for the style you're making, you can always have it as a starting point to get going!

Improve workflow and finish songs faster.

4 - Bonus Tip

Some DAWs allow you to save default MIDI or Audio tracks. If you find yourself always using Serum when making your Leads or Bass, you can simply save a default MIDI track so Serum always pops up and you don't have to add it in. You can do the same thing for EQs or your other favorite plug-ins!

How to be more productive in the studio.


Amero - @itsamero

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