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3 Surprising Ways To Improve Your Mixing Skills

Mixing is something we all as producers struggle with. I certainly have had my fair share of struggles, sitting there comparing the quality of my mixing to other songs and not being able to pinpoint what I'm doing wrong. Well, today I’m going to share 3 ways to easily improve your mixing!

3 surprising ways to improve your mixing skills.

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1 - Sample Selection

While this is something that took me a while to get a hang of, choosing the right samples when working on your productions is key. For example, if the quality of the clap you selected isn’t good, just pick a better one. Might sound simple, but simplicity is key. The basics such as picking the right kick will make a huge difference in getting the mix to sound the way you want it, rather than trying to make something fit that does not fit work. This will also avoid the countless numbers of hours shaping a sound when you can just find the right one. Splice is great for this.

Ways to improve your mixing skills.

2 - Try Mixing Other Artist's Songs

This is something that helped me improve my mixing. In my opinion, you hear things differently when you're just mixing another artist's production and purely focusing on improving the existing elements. Ask a friend if you can get some stems to mess around with. Help out a starting producer or even see if you can find any stems of a certain track you like. See if there is something in the genre/style you're producing and then try techniques that you can apply to your own productions.

How to improve your mixing skills.

3 - Mix with Stems

I’ve gotten in the habit of once I feel like I’m done with a song and want to do the final touches on the mix, I bounce out all the stems to start fresh. This also helps me take my mind off the production side of things. I can now purely focus on mixing the song and work with what I have. It basically helps you press the reset button and listen through everything with a new pair of ears while you go through each individual stem. I would also recommend grouping some elements that you can treat in a similar way to save time.

Techniques for improving your mixing skills.


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