5 Best Ways to Promote Your Music

5 Best Ways To Promote Your Music

1. Playlists

Big plays usually come from the bigger playlists. The good news is: anyone can submit for them via Spotify, and other platforms. If you’d like me to do an entire posts on playlists, let me know. ⠀

2. DJ Radio Shows / Support Channels⠀

Radio shows & music support channels on YouTube can bring lots of attention to your music and are one of the best ways to grow as an artist. ⠀

3. Influencers / Social Media⠀

Getting influencers to dance to your track, or use it in their vlogs, etc. is a great way to get people from all over to know your music.⠀

4. Pre-Save

Getting people to pre-save your track is one of the best ways to ensure your audience is there on release day to listen.⠀

5. Competitions⠀

Remix competitions, giveaways, and other competitions can bring a good amount of attention to your track and create a cool way for you to connect with your audience and create cool content.⠀

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