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5 ways to boost your online engagement

Building a big engaging audience is not as easy as you might have noticed before. Increasing the number of followers is the first step but getting those followers to engage with your content is a lot harder. This blog gives you some tips to keep your followers active and engaged with your content.

5 ways to boost your online engagement

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1 - Social interaction

First, let's talk about interacting in general. In particularly in the comment section. Nowadays you can leave a reply everywhere on Social Media. There are stories, live streams, TikToks, reels, and normal posts. Engage everywhere you can! It's all about building connections and friends. With this, don't try to promote your stuff, just talk to people like you would do with a real-life friend. This is not just great for getting people engaged but also the most real, organic way to gain new followers.

This tip may sound obvious in the first place, but when you take a look at social media accounts from big companies, you see they do exactly this. They have those huge verified company accounts and especially on TikTok or Twitter, they just comment like a regular person. With time, people will start noticing you and your brand and they will feel like a friend's connection to you. Besides that, it will build trust for your brand.

2 - DMs

The next time you promote something or tell your audience about a new free download, try to tell them to send you a DM - it helps if you tell them what to say, like "free", so they won't have to think about what to say - and that you will send them the link over there. This is great because the promotion will feel more natural.

This also works for telling people that you have released a new song and things like that. When you send them the link, try to get in a conversation with them or tell them a story about how you produced the song. As I said already, it's all about creating those private connections and you will start seeing your engagement growing in a couple of weeks!

3 - Collaborations

Collaborations are another great way to improve your engagement. This is not just about a song collaboration, you can also host a social media event like a livestream for example. Some more examples are things like collaborative Reels/TikToks and giveaways. When you're hosting a giveaway, make sure you create content around it. Besides the actual giveaway post, maybe do a Livestream or something like that together.

4 - Sharing your life

Sharing your life. That's what social media is about. And that's what works the best to build a connection with the people that choose to follow you. Don't you know this feeling when you follow a big influencer and over time it feels like you know this person? Like they're your friend. If a good friend makes a recommendation, you will probably trust them and interact with them. And that's exactly what you want to achieve as a brand. So what I want to tell you is that creating Instagram stories and Reels/TikToks about your daily life is crazy important to keep your audience engaged.

5 - Livestreams

A great way to be in direct contact with your audience is livestreaming. This lets you have a live conversation with your fans. Livestreams are probably weird the first times you do them. But as soon as you know some of your fans better, it will be awesome and feel like a real conversation with them!

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