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The 6 Types of Content that Make Artists Go Viral

You're going to want to see this...👀

I've analyzed all the top short-form content for music artists & broken it down into 6 viral styles with examples. 🔥


Choose your styles below & start making the content that works for you!

🤔 Which style of content is right for you? ⬇️

🎧 1. Performance


Performing or playing your music.


For example: You could be playing it live if you're a musician, singing if you're a singer, or just playing your track on your DAW if you're a producer. This also could be clips from a music video.


See viral example below from Kenya Grace:

😌 2. Vibes


Creating a vibe for the viewer.


For example: If your song has a road-trip vibe - you could make a video on a road trip. If your song has a rave vibe - you could have a video at a rave. Or it could be the vibe of someone reacting to your music or you reacting to the track finally being finished. See viral example below from Aaron Hibell:

👀 3. Relatable


A video that relates to your target audience.


For example: If your target audience is producers: create a situation in the video that they can relate to. It could be funny, inspiring, etc.


See viral example below from Ruben Comacho:

😂 4. Comedy/Sketch


A video that makes your target audience laugh.


For example: This could be as simple as a meme, or as complex as a skit with multiple characters.


See viral example below from Lokane:

✨ 5. Motivational


A video that inspires your target audience.


For example: This could be inspiring words from yourself, a quote, before and after of your journey, etc.


See viral example below from James VanDyk:

🎓 6. Educational


Using your knowledge to teach your target audience.


For example: This could be a tutorial, quick tips, sharing a personal development story, do's & don'ts, etc.


See viral example below from Haley Marie:

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