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My 7 Social Media Predictions for 2024

🚀 1. Smaller artists will succeed more independently:


Labels, managers, etc. will become less of a requirement for artists to succeed. We saw this in 2023 with artists building followings online and leveraging that following to book their own shows, get streams, etc.


📲 2. Less is more: Posting, stories, etc:


Posting higher quality content less often may lead to higher engagement & faster growth in 2024.Artists will succeed more by choosing a specific social platform to focus on and learning it inside and out.

👀 3. People will only follow you if they relate to your content: 

Even if your post goes viral, people may not follow you unless they're your target audience & relate to your content.


Knowing this, it has become more important than ever to figure out your niche, target audience, and artist brand. I explain exactly how to do this in my Course.


📣 4. Artists who create a funnel will be more successful:

Example of a funnel: A person sees your post about your remix > They comment "REMIX" which triggers a DM automation > They get a DM with a link to the download gate with your remix > They enter their email & follows you to get your remix.

Because of this funnel you now get: A comment, a DM conversation, an email subscriber, a follower, and a new listener to your music. 

Creating a good funnel is how you turn viewers into followers, into email subscribers, into merch buyers, into super-fans etc.

🦾 5. Automation will make life easier for artists & their fans: 

DM automations were on the rise in 2023 making it easier to get more engagement & start more conversations with fans.


Automation will get even better in 2024 and artists who take the time to learn it will succeed.

🎯 6. Your mission will be more important than your music:


People will care less if you have a big following, and more if your vision/niche aligns with theirs. Again, focus on figuring out your artist brand and what you stand for.


🙌 7. Community will be more important than going viral:


Many artists went viral in 2023, but not many stayed viral. Building a real community is pivotal to longterm success.


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