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7 things I Wish I Knew Before I Started my Instagram

📆 1. Create a routine:


Routines are the secret to consistency & making social media take less of your time & bring you more results.


Like most artists, when I started I didn't have a routine & "winged it" most the time. It took me years to find a routine that got me where I am today.

Here are some things to include in your routine:

  • Go to the "Reels" tab & scroll trending Reels.

  • Save any you could tweak & recreate in your niche to a folder.

  • Film 3+ posts on the same day each week.

  • Edit & add captions, etc. for those posts.

  • Post them on the same days each week.

  • Engage with all comments / similar profiles after posting.


To make it even easier, I organize all my content, reference accounts, goals, & more on Notion & I made the template available if you'd like to Download. 🎉

Create a social media routine.

🎯 2. Niche down even more:


Niching down = Making your artist brand & content about a specific topic.


I first started growing in 2017 when I chose my niche: music production tutorials.


The last few months I tried something new... I niched down even further from being a music production tutorials to focusing on my biggest strength: social media tips for music artists.The results = I'm growing 500%+ faster.

🧬 3. Optimize your profile & posts:


The same post could get 1-100X+ more engagement depending on the way it's edited, which audio you use, how you write the caption, if it has the right hook, etc.


This is something I go into deeply step-by-step on my Course, but basically, you should have a checklist of things to check before you click post.

Optimize your profile and posts.

👥 4. Post for new followers, not existing followers:


If your goal is to get more followers, make your posts for new people who don't already know you.


If you want to build a deeper connection with people who already follow you, use your IG Stories, as those are seen by your current followers.

🥸 5. Don't fake it till you make it:


Don't stress about trying to "look professional" in your posts.


Looking like an underdog and being real & authentic makes people want to root for you & follow your journey to success. It's like being a fan of a famous band before they were famous...People feel cooler when they can say they've been following you since the beginning.

Create a funnel on social media.

🧭 6. Create a funnel:


Funnel = the journey your potential follower goes on.


Example of my funnel:

1. Create tutorials on sound design to get producers interested to follow.

2. Create a sound design guide linked in your bio to get those followers to join your newsletter.

3. Create a sound design course to help the most interested newsletter subscribers learn sound design step-by-step.

👍 7. Haters mean you're doing something right:


If your post does well, the algorithm will push it to new people who don’t know you & people who don’t know you will be more hateful. So, when people hate, it’s a sign your post is performing well & reaching new people.


Commenting has been turned off.


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