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5 must have Black Friday deals

This time of year is always the best time to grab the plugins & gear your need as a music artist & producer. I created a list for you with my top 5 must have deals that you definitely don't want to miss out on!

5 must have black friday deals.

Table of Contents:

1: LANDR Studio

2: Output Arcade

3: AVA


5: Songstats


1: LANDR Studio

LANDR Studio

This one has it all & the deal is crazy. LANDR Studio includes: Incredible plugins, mastering, distribution, courses, & more...🤯

*Deal: $3000 worth of music tools for just $99*

2: Output Arcade

Output Arcade

The Arcade Plugin is a must-have for any producer in my opinion and includes over 50,000 incredible sounds...🔥 *Deal: 40% off Arcade yearly subscription + more deals on site*

3. AVA Virtual Instruments + more

AVA Music Group

AVA helps you generate epic vocal hooks, drums, + more with unique virtual instruments that make your music stand out...🎹

*Deal: 50% off across all store + up to 70% off bundles*

4. XEBEC Tri-Screen Monitors

XEBEC Music Production DAW

XEBEC helps me stay more productive! Instantly get 2 extra monitors when producing + produce from anywhere...💻

*Deal: $70 off until Nov 29th or $50 off Nov 30th-Jan 3rd*

5. Songstats Membership


If you want a career in music Songstats is a must have! Get all the data on your music & fans...🚀

*Deal: 50% first 3 months automatically when you sign up using the mobile app.*

That's it for this year. Hope you enjoy some of these! 😎

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