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8 secret FL Studio tips

You might have been using FL Studio for quite a while, but you feel like there's more to learn. You will be able to use the program in a more efficient and creative way by applying the 8 tips listed below. Did you know these 8 tips? Comment and let us know after reading.

8 secret FL Studio tips

Table of Contents:


1 - Detaching

This tip destroys one of the most annoying things in FL Studio. Everyone knows the problem of windows that are hiding each other. Did you know that there is a function that lets you keep the selected window in the foreground? Just go to the menu -> Detached. Super simple but really useful.

FL Studio tips - Detaching

2 - Master Pitch

Ever had the request from a vocalist to change the pitch of your instrumental. This gets super simple if you know about the master pitch knob. This knob can be found next to the master volume knob. Just drag it around and listen to how the pitch of the entire song changes! You can also use it to check if your song would sound better in a different pitch and then change the MIDIs and tonal samples.

FL Studio tips - Master Pitch

3 - Unique

Scared of making a change to a pattern that will destroy your whole production? Simply create a new version with one click. All you have to do is put the pattern in the arrangement and select Make Unique. This will create an exact copy of the pattern and you can adjust things as you want without losing the original! This also works on samples and automation clips. Now you can make different versions of all of these.

FL Studio tips - Unique

4 - Purge

Struggling with a big mess in your DAW or just need to delete some stuff performance-wise? Here is the best solution. Click Tools -> Macros -> Purge Unused audio clips. This deletes all unused clips and reduces mess!

FL Studio tips - Purge

5 - Graph Editor

Bored of opening the piano roll for each small value adjustment? You might have seen the graph editor before but never used it before. It basically lets you adjust velocity, release, pitch, pan, and more directly from the channel rack. You can find this tool at the top right of your channel rack!

FL Studio tips - Graph Editor

6 - Generate

Struggle with writer's block? No problem! The FL Studio Riff Machine lets you generate riffs, rhythmic patterns, and even chord progressions. Don't feel ashamed of using such tools. This one is great for laying a foundation for a new project. It's all about getting started. Usually, you adjust stuff later on anyway. You will find this tool by pressing Alt + E.

FL Studio tips - Generate

7 - Natural Notes

If you ever worked with certain instruments, especially strings, you might like to add a more natural sound to them. With this piano roll tool, you can adjust any note modulation you want directly in the piano roll. Just click the button in the bottom left and select the option you want to adjust. Now simply draw in your adjustment. You can even go a step further and enable auto smoothing in the piano roll menu. This smooths out your automation.

FL Studio tips - Natural Notes

8 - Organize

If your projects always look super messy, markers might help you to stay organized. Markers are also great if you're working with another producer to show them your workflow. What markers do is simply create sections in your arrangement. You can add them with Alt + T or by right clicking in the top bar.

FL Studio tips - Organize

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