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How to get your music on Spotify

Releasing music to streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music & more is easier than you think. In this blog we'll show you exactly how to set up everything via a distributor + how to setup your Spotify for Artists.

How to get your music on Spotify in 2022.

Table of Contents:


1 - Distributor

To get started you'll need your finished song, cover art, a title, and a distributor. A distributor is a company that gets your music out to the streaming services. You basically upload your music and they send it to the stores. To show you how all that works, we decided to use the free distributor amuse as an example (head over to this blog if you need help finding the best distributor for you). First, make sure you set up an account. That's super easy: just type in your email and basic information.

How to get your music on Spotify in 2022 distributor.

Now it's time to create your artist profile, this name will be shown on Spotify, etc.

How to get your music on Spotify in 2022 distributor.

Select a plan to release music. In this example, we will be using the Amuse distributor.

Spotify music distributor.

Press the top right to create a release. Now type in your title, genre, and language, and upload the cover art. Make sure the cover art is 3000x3000 pixels. If you'd like us to design the perfect custom cover art for your music, click here.

Get your music on Spotify.

After that, it's time to upload your song, just drag and drop it or upload it manually. Again, fill in the information and click "save".

How to get your music on Spotify.

To get your music released you need to select the stores you want your music to be released on. I would recommend selecting all possible stores that you can use in the amuse-free version. After you did all that, click review. Now your music will be reviewed by the Amuse team for Copyright claims, so nobody can upload music from other artists. This usually takes 24-48 hours. The final step amuse does is send your music to the stores, which again, depending on your plan, takes a certain amount of time. Usually, on the free version, it takes up to 3 weeks. But don't worry, your work is done here and you can just wait from now on.

Spotify 2022.

After you surpassed that time and your music is live in stores, it's super important to catch your Spotify for artists account. Again with Amuse, this is super simple.

2 - Spotify for Artists

To connect with Spotify for artists, click on "profile" and choose the "connect" button next to Spotify For Artists.

Spotify for artists.

Just go through the information process and now you have access to your Spotify for artists account! You can now see how your music performs, customize your Spotify artist profile, add canvases, and you can even submit music to Spotify editorial playlists. Submitting to those playlists can just be done for upcoming releases, so you can just submit to editorial playlists when your next song will be released. We would recommend that you do everything you can to customize your artist profile since that's the best way to show Spotify and their algorithm that you are passionate about the things you do.

Spotify for artists 2022.

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