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How to Beat the Algorithm & Get More Followers

Today, I’m going to reveal the truth about how the algorithm works.

Most artists fail to beat the algorithm because they just try to copy trends without having a clear target audience or artist brand.

🔥 I'll give you simple steps to beat the algorithm + get more fans as a music artist.

You don't need to understand the algorithm, you just need to understand the people you want to reach.

How to Beat the Algorithm & Get More Followers

🧬 Why algorithms exist:

Different people have different interests and it's the algorithm's job to show them content that fits what they're interested in, as to keep them online as long as possible.

💯 The truth is:

You don't need to understand a complicated algorithm, you only need to understand the interests of your target audience.


So the better question to ask is: Who do you want to be your target audience & what are their interests?

Instagram algorithm.

🎯 Your target audience:

Your target audience is the people who would most likely be your fan.


The better you know your target audience, the better chance you have of creating posts that will connect with them and beat the algorithm bringing you more followers.

💬 4 questions to find your target audience:

1️⃣ Do they make music or only listen to music?

Example: Non-producers wouldn't want to watch tutorials, but producers would.


2️⃣ Do they want to laugh, learn, or feel (be motivated/inspired/amazed)?

For example, if you're naturally funny, you may want to choose a target audience that wants to laugh. If you make epic mashups as a DJ, you may want to choose a target audience that wants to feel (be motivated/inspired/amazed).

3️⃣ What about you & your music is unique? Make a list of your unique personality traits / music skills / non-music skills. 4️⃣ How can you bring your uniqueness into your content?

Examples: If you're both interested in Star Wars and you're a DJ, you could do a mashup of one of your tracks with the Star Wars theme. If you love sound design and your target audience is producers, you could do sound design tutorials which would help people come for the tutorial and become fans of your music in the process.

✅ For example, my answers would be: 1. Make music.

2. Learn.

3. Unique: I focus on social media tips specifically for music artists.

4. By creating content with actionable step-by-step tips to help artists grow their socials.

🚀 To make it even easier: I cover how to choose your target audience & content style + I list all my top suggestions for you in my Social Media Growth Course for Music Artists.

Music algorithm Instagram.

💡 The algorithm is a guide:

Next time you think it's the algorithm that doesn't like your content, remember it is actually just a guide telling you that your content isn't quite connecting with your target audience.

Figure out your target audience and their interests, bring your unique skills/talents into your videos, experiment more, try different things, and see what is working.


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