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How to create a presskit

You're trying to be more attractive for record labels, journalists, and promoters? Have you ever heard of a presskit? This is the thing that might help you to bring the game to the next level! In this blog, I want to explain how you can create your own electronic press kit. With this electronic foundation, you will be able to create a real press kit and also get a direction for the look of your brand. What is an electronic press kit? An electronic press kit or short EPK, presents your brand. The press kit includes all the data music labels, promoters, and others in the industry are looking for. As we all know, the first impression is the most important and that's what the EPK is about.

Table of Contents


1 - Creating your EPK

So first of all what should an EPK include? The EPK should include a description of you as an artist, your music, press pics, relevant press articles, your milestones, and even some high-quality videos if you have some. The most important thing for all of them is that they look professional. As I said this is the very first impression an A&R or whatsoever gets about you. To create a press kit letter, I can recommend Adobe Spark or websites like Wix. They both have a lot of great presets. If you're familiar with using photoshop or design tools like Figma, Illustrator, or Adobe XD you can use them to create your own, unique press kit. You can find a lot of inspiration on Behance and Dribble To make sure you include all the information you should, let me explain them a bit more in-depth!

2 - Content


The description is your biography. If you don't know what to put in here that's not a problem. Creating your bio isn't that hard. Talk about who you are, why you are producing music, songs you released lately, milestones like a big label release or a lot of streams, and the style of your music. You can't get inspiration for length and wording from Spotify biographies from big artists like Avicii and Mac Miller for example.

Music & Performance The most important part is of course your music. Make sure you include links to your top 3 Spotify songs. If you want to play gigs and be more attractive for a club, make sure you include links to a festival performance or just mixes on your SoundCloud or YouTube.

Media Besides all that, the look of your brand is super important. Make sure you get some top-notch high-quality photos and videos. Name them after their resolution to give the promoter the best overview. When creating photos and videos make sure they vibe with your music. If you create chill music, get some sunset or chill travel pics. If you create more aggressive EDM, create press pics at a party or a club. I think you get what I mean.

Talking about media, I also have to mention your Logo. Add your logo in black and white versions so it can be implemented on all backgrounds. Make sure you create PNG and not JPG files.

Socials Of course, include links to all your social media accounts. From Facebook to TikTok. Make sure you cover everything and include links. A little tip, make sure your names on the different socials are not completely different. Social Appearance also includes blog articles. Have you done an interview? Did someone write a blog about you? Include stuff like that! Again, add links.

In the end, you should have a PDF file for example giving the main overview about you as an artist. Besides all that, create folders with logos, media, and media articles. Here is how it could look:

3 - Extra Tips

  • Make sure all files are structured and named correctly.

  • Less is more - make sure you keep all the information compact and don't write too much

  • Keep things clean - if you're not into graphic design, you should go for a template

  • Use your branding assets like your logo to create a design language. This creates a professional look and stays in people's minds.

  • Upload your press kit with all photos and videos to Dropbox or Google Drive. Make sure you create a well-organized folder structure.

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