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How to Gain 5,000 (Instagram) Followers In 90 Days

Today, I’m going to reveal how you can gain 5,000 real Instagram followers as a music artist in 90 days with 4 simple steps.

Not just followers... I'm talking 5,000 real fans of you & your music.

There will be no boring advice like “post more” and “use the right hashtags”…

I'll provide you with a simple framework, so you can grow without it taking all your time. That way, you can spend more time in the studio doing what you love most.

4 simple steps. 5,000 Instagram followers. 90 days. 


📲 1. Content: Create targeted content for your target audience


(Timeline: Day 1)


Most artists create random content for random people, so their follower growth is random & slow.


Instead, before you do anything else: start by defining your unique skills & what you enjoy.


Example: You have amazing sound design in your tracks. Knowing this, your targeted content could be sound design tips. Your target audience in this example could be producers who want to learn sound design. These producers would come for your tips, and become fans of your music in the process.

How to Gain 5,000 (Instagram) Followers In 90 Days.

Once you've chosen your targeted content & target audience, let's make creating the content easy:


1️⃣ Batching your ideas each week:

I suggest posting 3x Reels a week to start on Instagram & batch film the content. Choose 1 day a week to film 3 posts with your phone. It should take you around 10 minutes to film each one, so this will be 30 minutes of your time each week.


2️⃣ Edit your content: Edit those post ideas on the Instagram app, add captions, and save them in your drafts.


3️⃣ Schedule & streamline:

Choose the time & days you'd like to post. For example: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at noon. Make it as easy as possible to stay consistent.


🔥 To make it even easier: I launched a Trending Content Ideas database including the top 100+ content ideas for music artists updated weekly. (Check it out here).

Content Ideas for Music Artists.

🎯 2. Optimize your profile for your target follower


(Timeline: Day 1 to 30)


Your profile should match your targeted content.


So if your targeted content is sound design tips, your bio should mention sound design tips. This way, when your target audience (producers who want to learn sound design) goes to your profile, they are much more likely to follow you.


There are some great examples of how to write your bio in this post I enjoyed from Brock Johnson.


Also, I suggest using Canva to easily create a professional profile pic with a background color that pops.

How to write the perfect bio.

📈 3. Double down on your best-performing posts


(Timeline: Day 31 to 60)


Statistically, 90% of your follower growth will come from 10% of your posts. After 30 days, you'll have 12 Reels, I would say to focus on the top 3. 

Your goal is to figure out why those posts worked and implement what worked in your next posts. In addition to repeating what worked, you can also switch out what had the lowest performance for new ideas you're inspired to try.

🙌 4. Turn your followers into superfans


(Timeline: Day 61 to 90)

Yes, more followers can be better. But, not always.

I know artists with 50,000+ followers that only get 10 people on a livestream. They have followers, not a fanbase.

I also know artists with 5,000 followers getting 10X more engagement A follower may unfollow, but a fanbase engages & supports everything you do.

Here's how to turn your followers into superfans:

- Use your Stories to deepen relationships (use Q&A's, behind-the-scenes, etc).

- Reply to every comment you get & start conversations.

- Host a livestream monthly like a "fireside chat" or sneak-peak live of your music.

- Add an "About" highlight on your Instagram that tells your story.


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