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How to get on Spotify playlists

It's not a secret, if you want a lot of streams on your music, you have to get on playlists. But sometimes it can be hard and you have to figure out the right ways for finding and especially getting on those playlists. So today I want to show you my secrets that I figured out over the last few years! Some of them are more obvious and some of them are super unknown. I just want to make sure you get all of them! Let's get started!

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Spotify For Artists

Most of you know this probably already, but if not, you NEED to sign up on and claim your artist profile.

You will not just get the analytics and full control over your profile, but also some super exclusive Spotify for artists features. One of them is pitching your music to editorial playlists. Yes. You heard right, you can send your music to those big original Spotify playlists with just a couple of clicks and completely for free.

Another thing to mention is, that you should make sure you pitch your music at least 7 days to those huge playlists. This will help you to get an instant boost as soon the song gets released. Otherwise the pitch feature won't be usable.

Playlist Curators

Spotify playlists really got into a business over the past years. People promote their playlists with expensive social media campaigns. A lot of them are labels that want to push their playlists and there are also some independent artists that get a lot of streams out of their own playlists. Both doing a great job and working hard to get up their streams. But some people are just promoting their playlists to sell a song placement in their placements. Everyone can do what they want, don't get me wrong. I'm just mentioning this here because Spotify doesn't like that and they are banning playlists curators who do things like this. So be careful if you're one of these ;) Anyways, let me show you a crazy trick for submitting to playlists! First, open your Spotify app and think about the genre your song is in. The second step is typing the genre in the Spotify search bar. Nothing special yet, I know. But in the third step, you put a behind the genre and press enter.

Now you will find a lot of playlists in the genre and the best thing is that they have the curator's email address in their bio. You can directly submit your song to the curator for free and super fast!

Discover Weekly & Release Radar

You might have heard or used the discover weekly playlist from Spotify before.

It's a playlist generated by Spotify algorithms and is individual for everyone every Monday morning. Since it's fully algorithmic, you can't do a lot to get into them.

But you can do something to get into Release Radar. Have you ever wondered why you should follow people on Spotify? Well, in the first place to stay updated but more importantly for the algorithm.

If you get people following your Spotify account, they will get your new music in their Release Radar playlist. So make sure you promote following you on Spotify sometimes!

I personally don't listen to Discover Weekly & Release Radar but Spotify once said that these playlists create more streams than their editorial playlist.

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