How to Get Your Own Sound As a Music Producer

How To Get Your Own Sound As A Music Producer

1. Figure Out What Inspires You Most

A good way to start is to mix-and-match your favorite elements from different tracks that inspire you & start creating your own recipe for your sound.

2. Stop Referencing & Start Producing Whatever Comes Naturally

I recommend at some point to stop referencing for song writing purposes (but you can still of course reference for mixing purposes). It’s important to stop worrying about how others write their music and just try to do whatever you feel is best!

3. Ask Other Artists What About Your Music Stands Out

You’ll be amazed what elements stand out to certain people. For example, I didn’t plan for my music to be “melodic” or “trancy”, I just did my thing and people pointed it out when I showed them. This was really helpful because you realize what elements of your tracks your audience enjoys most.

4. Solve Weaknesses Holding Back Your Creativity

It’s hard to be creative if you’re thinking about a million things while producing. If you can fix your weaknesses, you’ll have more space to think creatively. Now when I’m in the studio, the technical stuff is mostly on auto-pilot while my creativity has room to grow!

5. Keep Producing & Take Chances

All artists go through a creative evolution over time. You have no idea what will inspire you tomorrow, what you will grow tired of, etc. You just have to let it unfold. It can’t be forced, it can’t be planned, because it hasn’t happened yet. So be open, be patient, and enjoy making music.

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