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How to Grow from Zero Followers in 2024

🚀 How to grow from zero in 3 Steps:

1️⃣ Choose the audience you want to attract:

If you know which audience you want, you'll know what kind of content to make to attract them. Most artists have trouble growing because their content doesn't connect with anyone in particular, and when connect doesn't connect with someone, they don't follow.

👇 Here's a few ways to choose an audience:

- Choose based off your unique skills & what you enjoy: Example: You love sound design, so your audience is producers who want to learn sound design.

- Choose based off if you'd rather: entertain, educate, or inspire: Example: You prefer to inspire people, and because you had trouble being motivated as a music artist yourself in the past, you choose an audience of music artists who struggle with being motivated. - Choose based off your lifestyle:

Example: You practice guitar a lot and decide to put your phone on a tripod to film your practice sessions and post your best moments. Your audience could be everyday people & guitar enthusiasts who want some good vibes.

How to grow from zero followers in 2024

2️⃣ Create content to reach that audience:

Don't make the mistake of burning yourself out... I suggest starting by posting 3 times a week on 1 platform only (in this case, Instagram). This way, you'll get your routine down & you'll have time to analyze your results & adjust.

📆 Choose 3 things to post every week:

If you have the sound design audience: film 3 mini sound design tutorials.

If you have the motivation audience: film 3 videos of yourself making music and write motivational tips or quotes above you.

If you have the lifestyle guitar audience: film 3 videos of yourself practicing guitar in interesting locations or with cool lighting at home.

To make things easier, film & edit the posts on the same day each week using my social media planner which I recently made available for you here. 🎉

How to grow from zero followers in 2024

3️⃣ Create a profile to get that audience to follow:

Let's say you're that producer wanting to learn sound design, you just watched an awesome Reel on how to sound design, and then you click on that person's profile...If the person's bio says "Sound Design Tips", you'd probably follow more than if their bio said something off topic / random.

❗️ Basically, make everything go together, so it makes sense for your ideal follower to follow you.

Example: my chosen audience is music artists who want to grow on social media. My content is social media tips, and when you come to my profile my bio says "Social Media Coach for Music Artists".

If you know the audience you want to attract, create content consistently to attract them, and establish a profile to get that audience to follow...You won't be at zero for very long...


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