How to Have a Successful Track Release

WHO can relate?! Artists BIG & SMALL deal with the same fears & worries. I still get these feelings. But you keep going. Some of your tracks will go somewhere, and some won’t, and that’s ok. The worst thing you can do is give up or become cynical. Every track you finish gets you 1 step closer to the track that will change your life. 🔥⠀

Here are some strategies to help you plan a successful release after your track is signed/or scheduled for self-release: 👇⠀


Ideas: Send your track out to DJs for support, submit to Spotify playlists, countdown your release on social media, do a pre-save campaign, film a music video.⠀


Ideas: Post everywhere, shout out anyone else who posts, release your music video, submit to non-editorial playlists.⠀


Ideas: Post a tutorial, start a remix contest, Send a reminder to DJs (mention support you’ve gotten so far), do an Instagram takeover on the labels account, do a Q&A about the track.⠀⠀

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