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How to make a remix of a track

Getting the opportunity to produce a remix for someone, can be a groundbreaking boost for your career. Today I want to show you tips on how to find and produce an outstanding remix!

how to remix a song

Table of Contents:


1 - Find a song to remix

1A. Official Remix

There's a few things you can do if you're looking to get an official remix. The most obvious way to achieve this is to contact the artists and ask them if you can do a remix for their song. Maybe you can even create a bootleg and send it to them to show your idea. You can do this by just downloading the song and just adding a drop or something like this. Already showing some material will be awesome and super helpful to get a response. The second opportunity you shouldn't miss out on are big artists that host remix competitions sometimes! They usually post them on their Instagram. So keep an eye on them as soon as they release a new song! You will also be able to find a lot of remix competitions on sites like Skio Music and Spinnin' Talentpool.

1B. Unofficial Remix

Alright, so you've found a song you love and you really want to make your own version. The best way to start is to buy the song on Beatport or iTunes, and if possible in WAV format. Then, you can extract the vocals and/or other elements of the track using LALAL.

spinnin' talent pool

2 - BPM and key

Depending on the method you choose to do a remix, you may find out BPM and key on your own if you're able to do that. Oftentimes your DAW can find the tempo, and you could find the key by ear. You can also find it out with the help of websites like Tunebat.

how to find the tempo and key of a song.

3 - Collect ideas

In the beginning, make sure you do a listening session where you collect ideas. Start writing down ideas for your remix. Write down things the genre, parts you want to keep from the original, but also things you want to remove. If you already got an idea for a melody, you can even record them and save them for later. This will be helpful if you get stuck during the production process.

how to remix a song.

4 - Stand out

When you're joining a remix competition, the most important thing is that you stand out. The problem with huge remix competitions is that most producers will create something that's currently hyped or popular. You can do this of course, but having your own sound can actually help you stand out more.

how to remix a track.

5 - Original elements

Get creative and use existing elements of the song. If the original song includes a guitar, and you got the stems, play around with it, chop it up, or add creative effects. This will keep up the listener's attention.

how to find your own sound.

6 - Vocals

You definitely want to keep the original vocals. If needed, you can change the bpm or pitch in some parts, but make sure the original vocal and most importantly the hooks stays in the foreground. Remember this is a remix and not just a completely new song.

how to remix vocals.

7 - Mix and master

When you're joining a remix competition, the mixing and mastering is super important because the first impression counts! Imagine listening to hundreds of submissions. If your song has got a stable mix and master, you will already be in the top 10% of the submissions. So take your time to make sure the mix and master are sounding pro, you can also find our pro mixing and mastering service here where our pro team mixes & masters songs signed by some of the biggest labels in the industry.

pro mixing and mastering.

8 - Supports

Whether you've made an official or an unofficial remix, it's a good idea to get some supports. DJ's are constantly looking for new remixes to play to spice up their sets. A vocal that lots of people know paired with a great energetic drop is the magic combination to get people to dance. Make sure your remix is high quality and that you have an extended mix with a longer buildup. This increases the tension and hype when it's played live.

Now, upload your remix to SoundCloud and/or YouTube. The most important thing here is to add a download link. This could either be a direct download or a download gate to get some follows/comments. Uploading is not only important for the discovery, but also for 1001tracklists. When a DJ sees your remix on 1001tracklists and there's no way to listen to it and download it, there goes your chance to get supported. The last and easiest way to get supports on your remix is to send it out directly to DJs. Make sure to use this blog as a guide when you're sending it out.

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