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How to market your music - Part 2: Post-Release

In the last blog, we talked about how to market your music in the 4 weeks before the release date. In this blog we are going to talk about the steps to take in the 4 weeks after the song is released.

Week 1 (After Release)


In this week you still repost everything and try to post daily on your socials. If you uploaded TikToks, make sure you answer comments with a new TikTok. This will create traffic and will grow your audience. Make sure you have a nice shortened link to share. Most distribution services create a link for you that links not just to Spotify, but also other streaming services like TIDAL or Apple Music. Most distribution services also upload your music to the Instagram music library, so make sure you let your fans know that they can use your song with just a couple of clicks.


Make sure to keep looking for and submitting to new playlists. This will boost your release from now until in the long run.


The first week is also all about checking statistics to see how your song performs. I recommend using a tool like Songstats to see on which playlists your song gets added and where it gets played. This will help you to get an overview of your audience. It is also useful to check your stats on Spotify for Artists.

Week 2 (After Release)

After one week the hype around your song probably goes down a bit. That's the point where you want to announce something new!

Remix competition

You could choose to do a remix competition. Create social media assets to announce the remix contest and maybe think about a price pool for the top 3 remixes. You can offer prize money or a free mix and mastering service for example. You can also decide if you just want to release the number 1 remix or release a small EP with the best 3 remixes. Releasing a remix will bring your song to a wider audience. This audience is usually genre abroad since you should try to get the remixes out of different genres. I am not saying to go from chill EDM to Apres Ski. But you should try to choose remixes that sound different and you notice that it's a remix. You should host the competition for 2-3 weeks. So you can release the remixes 4-6 weeks after the original song got released.


You could ask fans to send in videos of them dancing to your song and turn it into a fun collaborative video. You could also host a competition where fans have to make a reel with your song and the winner gets a prize. Try to get creative and think of ways to get more engagement towards your release.

Week 3 (After Release)

In week 3 after the release things get more chilled again. Make sure you still post like every second or third day but try to calm down with the stories for now. You could start to repost Instagram stories of people who start remixing your track. This week you should think about the cover arts for the remix competition winners. Besides all the remix stuff, make sure you still try to get your songs on more playlists and maybe hire some influencers to share your music.

Week 4 (After Release)

Remix competition winners

This is the week when you announce the winners. You can host a live stream on Instagram, Twitch, or YouTube where you choose a winner with the help of your audience. After that make sure you plan everything to release the remix competition songs. If you want, you can follow the information from the last blog again.

Music videos

Post the lyric video that you made in the Pre-Release plan. Besides YouTube, you could post a snippet of it on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube Shorts. If you have made a music video as well, now is the time to post it. When you do, make sure to also use a part of it as your Spotify Canvas and promote the video on your socials. All of this will drive new engagement to your release.

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