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How to overcome writer's block

Writers Block or beat block is an absolute nightmare for artists. I think most of us have experienced it at least once. You feel like you're not able to create something great. All the notes and lyrics you put down just sound trash and you start feeling uncomfortable. The problem with beat block is that you start getting in an awful cycle where you probably quit music production. To avoid that, I want to show you some techniques to overcome beat block/writer's block!

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1 - Relax

I know everyone tells you to work harder, longer, and do more to achieve your goals. But often this is not good at all. I'm not saying that you should stop producing. I just want to remember you, that you're doing this because you love it and not because someone is forcing you. That's a point where I am stuck each couple of months. I feel this pressure to create something good, outstanding. But that's not how things work. Just produce when you want to do it! :)

2 - Develop

When I struggle with beat block, I often notice that I'm stuck in a creative order. I start with the same things and my creativity can't spread. Try new things and start pushing yourself again to try new stuff. When you stick to the same genre/rhythm/instruments all the time you will start feeling too comfortable and your creativity will slowly decrease till you end up noticing beat blocks.

3 - Samples

Don't be afraid of using samples. Go on a sample provider of your choice and just discover and find things you vibe with. Music production is a collaborative process and you should not be scared to use samples. On huge productions, there are many different producers on just one song. One of them did the sample, the other one the drums, and another one just the 808s. That's why so much new music gets released so crazy fast. Especially in the rap/hip hop scene. Those producer groups just puzzle their skills together and create a ton of crazy beats every day. So use the crazy technology we have and start using some samples if you feel not creative right now.

4 - Genre

Working in the same genre is hard and won't help you to get out of beat block. I'm not telling you to go from pop to hardstyle. I just want to show you that there is so much inspiration from other genres that can help you to get back on track in your genre. If you like this instrument from a whole different genre use it! That's how unique things are created. When instruments get overused things get super mainstream and a lot of listeners get annoyed from listening to the same style all the time. So you will not just get new inspiration, but also a lot of new listeners if you start thinking outside the box!

5 - Surroundings

Check the room you're in. This might sound crazy but for me, it often helps to get a new surrounding or clean up my room and get everything organized. When I noticed this the first time I googled it and a lot of people felt the same. Having an organized, clean room will boost your productivity.

6 - YouTube

This tip gives me motivation and inspiration all the time. Go to YouTube and look up tutorials in the genre you're producing or search for other motivating stuff. Besides tutorials, I highly recommend watching those Martin Garrix show videos or other tour vlogs from big artists. I remember getting crazily motivated when watching them back then.

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