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How to Produce a Cover of a Classic Dance Track

Have you ever started working around an acapella from a song you really like and wished you could do your own twist on it? Do you want to start making your own dance covers? Well, we are going to go through a couple of steps that will make that possible!

3 steps to improve your workflow in the studio.

Table of Contents:


1 - Follow The Original Composition

While making a cover it’s important to remember that you have to keep certain key elements of the original song to be able to release it. This includes chords, melody, and lyrics (if there’s a vocal on top). In some cases, you could clear it as a new version of a song but that can be a long uncertain process. Turning it into a full-on cover is an easier way to go about things. Of course, you can remove certain parts that you deem to be not so essential in your version. But sometimes the easiest way to avoid any sort of takedown (even if it’s a 100% full-on cover it can get taken down in some cases) you could follow the original full-length structure to be on the safe side.

How to produce a cover song.

2 - Getting The Vocals

As I previously stated, to be able to release the song and have it be considered as a cover you need to follow the song's lyrics. This is also why making covers is a good way to start collaborating with vocalists since you're already bringing something that’s easy to work with to the table. I would recommend checking labels where you know they have previously released covers and see if you can find a singer that suits the cover's style. Hit them up to see if they are down to work.

How to make a cover track.

3 - Don't Use Any Original Elements

So I sometimes see that people might be wondering if they can use a part of the original and release it as their own version (which can of course happen if you clear it with the original artist(s)/publisher/label) but otherwise make sure that there is no elements of the original songs production in it before you release the cover. This may result in the song being removed and all your hard work going to waste.

How to release a cover song.


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