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How NuKey got Signed by Future House Music's NYX

From Leicester, United Kingdom, NUKEY went from aspiring producers to being signed by Spinnin' Records, Hexagon, Myth of NYX & more! Today, we chat with NuKey about how their music journey, and how TEAMMBL Academy helped them reach their goals...

How to get signed by Future House Music.

Can you tell us about your recent release on NYX?

It's called "Waiting".

What style is it?

Our latest release is a tech house track that we collaborated on with fellow English producer SUBSHIFT. It has deep groovy bass lines and a strong male led vocal.

Which label is it signed by?

We signed it to The Myth of NYX, which is Future House Music’s tech-house label. The track is actually part of the RelicsII EP, which is a follow up EP to the last one which banged!

How did it get signed?

The guys at NYX wanted to bring 4 tracks together to make up the EP, so we were getting itchy feet waiting for this one to release while they were planning the releases.

How did you come up with the idea?

The track came about simply from us sending a demo idea over to SUBSHIFT which was a nice strong catchy bass line and then the rest was finished up by SUBSHIFT.

What’s your favorite part about your track?

We love energy building drops, so the second build up and drop for us is a killer!

What do you like to do besides music?

As a pair we’re both really into our fitness. We exercise and go to the gym. It’s super important to maintain a balance, as it’s really easy to lose track of time and spend hours after hours sat at the desk producing or making content. We’re also massive rave goers! Have to appreciate the reason we got into this and by going to raves it always leaves you with a massive fire in you and injects so much motivation.

What is your #1 tip for producers?

A little quote we always like to say is ‘Hard work beats talentwhen talent doesn’t work hard’. We’re massive advocates for consistency and working hard. You’ve got to put the hours in and it’s easier said than done, you sacrifice a lot trying to be a producer! If you put the work in, when the opportunity present itself you’ll be ready.

What are your goals for the future?

Our goals are simple. We just want to enjoy what we do and make that our career. We have the best time together and have the same sense of silly humour so if we can turn this into a full time job, then we’ve reached our ultimate goal.

How did TEAMMBL Academy help you reach your goals?

We joined TeamMBL when we had no idea about any of the behind the scenes stuff to do with the industry. In the year we were members we learned sooooo much about networking, social medias, labels, and of course production. We also met some people there that we’re still really good mates with today. Shout out Sam Helix, Bonkr and Seb!

How can people find you & your music?

You can follow me on Instagram & Spotify.

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