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Posting Consistently Won't Help You Grow, This Will

👇 Many artists tell me:

Artists tell me they try to stay consistent only to burnout after putting in the work and seeing no growth on social media. This isn't because of the algorithm or because you're not trendy enough, it's because of this...

Growing on social media only happens once you find a target audience & make content that connects with that target audience. Otherwise, your posts will end up connecting with nobody, getting no engagement, and you get no new fans for your music.

🔥 Don't worry, I got your back... Here's how to find your target audience, so you can start growing and get your music heard.


2 questions that will help you figure out your target audience:

💭 Why do you want to be on social media?

Usually the answer is one of 3 things: To entertain, to educate, or to inspire. For me, it's to educate, but for you it might be to entertain or inspire.

🧬 What is your unique edge?

This is usually a combination of 3 things: Your special skills, personality, and an interesting fact. For example you could be really good at piano, have a comedic personality, and have a pet cat that's always in the studio with you.

Music Artist on Instagram

🙋 Who is your ideal follower?

  • How old are they?

  • What are their hobbies?

  • What do they care about?

  • What are their pain points? This is how you create relatable content.

✅ Here is an example of how to answer (producer audience):

  • How old are they? 18-25

  • What are their hobbies? They like to producer music, go to clubs, love watching funny videos, and DJ on weekends.

  • What do they care about? They care about learning more production skills, good mixes, partying and good music.

  • What are their pain points? (This is how you create relatable content.) They want people to listen to their music, they want to learn more about production and grow their music career.

The answers to these questions gives you exactly what kind of content to make by using your unique edge and having that exact ideal follower in mind. Not only will having a target audience help you grow faster, but it will also help you create a community around the things that you love & make social media a lot more enjoyable! 🎉


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