Producer Problems: Finding a Vocalist & Using a Splice Sample

Can anyone relate? ⠀

Here are some PROS & CONS to both.⠀


✅ Original vocal that nobody else can use. ⠀

✅ If the artist has a following, you can reach a bigger audience with your track. ⠀

🚫 Potentially needing to pay for the vocalist / paying for studio time. ⠀

🚫 Contracts / royalty splits / potential disagreements that can stop the track from being released. ⠀


✅ Easy to find and if you use the right FX/edit the vocal - you can turn it into something original. ⠀

✅ No worries about contracts or spending more than the price of a Splice membership. ⠀

🚫 If you use a vocal everyone has used, the track might not get signed. ⠀

🚫 No opportunity to reach the audience of the vocalist.⠀

Watch it here:

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