Producer Tips: How to Finish Your Tracks

What Stops YOU from finishing your tracks?⠀

Here's how to SOLVE these issues 👇⠀

🚫 Perfectionism⠀

✅ Happiness is imperfect, so if you want to be happy, embrace your imperfections. A lot of the catchiest melodies & beats were made by accident. Also, if every song was perfect, music would be boring!⠀

🚫 Mental Blocks⠀

✅ You'll hear producers saying things like "I can't make good drops" or "I always get uninspired during the mixing process". These are just mental blocks that we impose on ourselves. Basically, we get good at getting stuck & so it just keeps happening. The easiest way to fix this is to switch up our routine to get different results. Try new things - like working with others.⠀

🚫 Fear⠀

✅ Example: Fearing what other people, record labels, etc. will think once it's done. The way to overcome this specific fear is to not have your personal happiness depend on the approval of others. At the end of the day, if you put all your passion & love into the track, that’s what really matters.⠀⠀

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