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You'll Stay Under 10K Followers Until You Read This...

👇 I've worked with artists from 1 to 1M+ followers...


Small artists usually stay stuck because they focus on the wrong things. ❌


How small artists think about social media:


- Which editor?

- Which camera?

- Which font?

- Which filter?

- Which hashtag?


How small artists should think about social media:


- Which audience? - Which niche?

- Which hook?

- Which CTA?

- Which audio? 🚀 Today, I'm going to show you how to focus on what matters & grow faster:

👥 Which Audience?


Artists with big followings make content for a specific audience because it increases engagement.


Do you want your audience to be:

- Other music artists.

- Music listeners (non-artists).

- Both.


If music artists:

You could make content that's tutorial/behind-the-music style or content that relates to other music artists.


If music listeners (non-artists):

You could make content that's performance/vibes or content that relates to people who enjoy listening to your style of music.


If both:

You could make content that doesn't go too far in one direction (for example: you wouldn't want to make content that's so educational that it would bore the non-artists).


🤏 Which Niche?

Artists with big followings use their niche to stand out/be memorable.


Let's say you want an audience of music listeners (non-artists) and you want to make a video showing them your new song...


This is where you would use your Niche!


- If you're funny & produce D&B music, your video could be high energy & have a comedic edge.


- If you're laidback, play guitar, and love nature, your video could be you in an open field on a calm day playing guitar.


Knowing & using your niche will help you connect with the right people & create a community.


🪝 Which Hook?


Artists with big followings use hooks to grab your attention:


There are 3 types of hooks:


1️⃣ You move physically to hook a viewer:

This could be anything from jumping, running up to the camera, waving your hand, etc.


2️⃣ Words written on the screen:

Written hooks should either be bold statements or questions that make a viewer want to stay and watch to find the answer here are 20+ hooks you can use!


3️⃣ Unbelievable or Cool shot:

If someone sees something that is really cool - they will stop scrolling. This could be a cool shot from your balcony or even an aesthetically pleasing studio. It could also be something really interesting like a unique camera angle on your face.


*Pro Tip: Using a combination of hooks grabs the most attention.


🎯 Which CTA?


Artists with big followings use calls-to-action to increase engagement: 

Do you want people to save, share, comment, etc?


Of course, you want them to do all of the above, but having 1-2 in mind will help better ensure that action happens.


For example:


- If you want people to comment, try asking a question or using a DM automation.


- If you want people to share, try making your content relatable or stand out.


- If you want people to save, try making your content valuable/educational.


If you're not sure which type of engagement people would make on your content, it's probably a good idea to rethink it.


🎵 Which Audio?


Artists with big followings know when to use their own audio & when to use trending audio to get the most reach:


When to use your own audio:


If the video is specifically about your music, use your own audio. 


When to use trending audio:


If it doesn't have to do with your music, use trending audio to get more reach.


Next Steps:

I’m reviewing and giving feedback on artists’ social media & Instagram this month, then helping them decide what content to make during my Viral Workshop.

If you’d like to join, become a member of my Coaching Here.

musicbyLukas Testimonial.
musicbyLukas testimonial.
musicbyLukas Testimonial.
musicbyLukas testimonial.

That's all for today team, Lukas




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