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How to Promote Your Music on Social Media (The Right Way...)

🔥 Today, I’m giving you the secret to promoting your music the right way on social media... This works for: original songs, covers, remixes, mashups, etc.


It will cost you $0 + you can do it yourself. Most artists aren't getting their music heard because they're using outdated social media strategies to market their music (and many are just overthinking it).

Remember this: 👇

How to promote your music on social media.

Here are the 3 phases to market your music on social media:

*Note: This will not cover submitting to playlists, DJs, etc. This is about how to promote your music on your socials.

💻 1. Pre-Release Plan:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be your main posting days with optional posts on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Sunday.

What artists get wrong:

- They wait until the song is finished to post about it.

- They don't collab or they collab with the wrong artists.

- They don't build enough hype around their track.


✅ How to do it the right way:

- Artists going viral like Kenya Grace, Lavern, Maiah Manser did so by sharing unreleased music on their socials.

- Collabing (with artists who take their socials seriously) means more content & a bigger audience for your track.

- DJs have been known for testing out unreleased music at their live shows to see how the crowd reacts... Now artists do the same thing on social media. You can post short clips of new song ideas & see how your followers react. The artists I mentioned who went viral posted about their upcoming tracks often before they were released building hype & pre-saves on Spotify.

How to make your music go viral.

🎉 2. Release Day Plan:

What artists get wrong:

- They don't create enough content.

- They don't get their audio trending.

- They don't get their fans involved.


✅ How to do it the right way:

- The way the algorithm works, only a small percentage of your followers see all your posts, so you can keep posting about your new song often and you won't be spamming (this is what viral artists are doing). Need post ideas? Check these 10 post ideas or start my course to learn how to create endless amazing ideas.

- You should be reusing your own audio often and getting your audience to use it in their videos as well (this is how you make your audio trend and get tons of views).

- Get your fans involved: Go live on platforms like Instagram, repost people's story mentions about your track, and you can even actively DM and ask friends directly to support the track.


👉 To make this all easier, here's my Track Release Planner for Google Drive that you can use to easily plan out your releases. 💻

How to promote your music on social media the right way.

🚀 3. Post-Release Plan:

What artists get wrong:

- They don't create edits of their track.

- They don't do a review of the release.

- They don't build on the momentum of that release.


✅ How to do it the right way:

- Creating new edits of your song like a slowed-down version, Sped-up version, remixes, and edits can breathe new life into your release and those can start trending too. You can also host competitions around the track or launch other creative initiatives to boost engagement.

- Do a review & go through the highs & lows of your social media content for the release, so you can make adjustments for your next release.

- Build on the momentum of your release and use it to get bigger collabs, deals with good labels (or just self-release), book shows, etc.


That's all for today team.

See you next week!




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