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Instagram CEO Says: THIS is the Secret to Growth

Instagram CEO said this is the secret to Instagram growth.

👇 The CEO of Instagram just said...“Shares” are the most important type of engagement.

So if you want to grow your reach & following, you need shareable content. 

Today, I'm giving you the 4 most shareable types of content.


+ The secret breakout artists use to make them go viral. 🚀

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4 most shareable content styles:


  • Relatable

  • Performance

  • Vibe

  • Comedy

🤫 And the SECRET:


The secret is to mix the 4 styles & increase their sharability!


⬇️ Examples: ⬇️

Mix: Relatable + Performance + Vibes

Results: 13M views

Creator: @ohmyroya

Mix: Relatable + Performance + Vibes + Comedy

Results: 7M views

Mix: Relatable + Performance + Vibes

Results: 7.2M views

Creator: @yesboone

💯 Key Takeaway:


- It's not just about flipping trends or mixing together content styles...

- It's about bringing your personality, talents, & POV into your content.

- This is what will make people connect with you enough to want to share & follow.

Next Steps:

I’m reviewing and giving feedback on artists’ social media & Instagram this month, then helping them decide what content to make during my Viral Workshop.

If you’d like to join, become a member of my Coaching Here.

musicbyLukas Testimonial.
musicbyLukas testimonial.
musicbyLukas Testimonial.
musicbyLukas testimonial.

Until next time, Lukas




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