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How to get Signed by Armada Music

From Liverpool, England, Mark Roma went from aspiring producer to being signed by Armada Music, playing Creamfields Festival, hitting number 1 on Beatport, and collabing with top Artists/DJ's like Kryder. Today, we chat with Mark about how his journey, and how TEAMMBL Academy helped him reach these incredible achievements...

How to get signed by Armada Music

Can you tell us about your recent release on Armada?

It's called "Identity".

What style is it?

Future Rave mixed with inspiration from 2013 Swedish House Mafia.

Which label is it signed by?

Armada Music

How did it get signed?

Funnily enough, it was missed at first. I have a good relationship with the Armada A&R due to sending so much music (even though I have had music declined dozens and dozens times). Back in January 2022, I said jokingly to a rejection email "thanks anyway, maybe 2022 is finally the year I sign to Armada!". Later that day, he emails back asking if a track that I had sent back in October 2021 was still available, I said it was, and turns out he misread a comment from Armin Van Buuren who in actual fact said he did like it and I ended up having the track signed! So moral of the story, DO NOT GIVE UP!

How did you come up with the idea?

I was listening to a lot of throwback sets from Swedish House Mafia and I felt I could maybe incorporate their Progressive House style with my own Future Rave sound. Mixing different genres and styles together to create something fresh definitely works!

What’s your favorite part about your track?

The fact that the drop and the breakdown contrast so much. The breakdown is super uplifting and emotional, whereas the drop is gritty and hits hard, especially in live sets.

What do you like to do besides music?

I like to go to the Gym most days per week, but my favorite thing to do is to go to as many raves/festivals/events as possible, at least a couple a month because I simply love music so much.

What is your #1 tip for producers?

85% of your mixdown is simply volumes and gain automation. EQ makes up a good 10%, the remaining 5% is compression and anything else. Learn to hear when something is simply too low or too high in your mix, then go ahead and carve out space and sculpt your track once everything is leveled correctly.

What are your goals for the future?

This year I hit my goals of signing to Armada and playing at Creamfields Festival, after that I can only step it up further. I'd love to sign to a Major label like Sony, play at Ultra Miami and Tomorrowland... oh and also be the first person to DJ on the moon.

How did TEAMMBL Academy help you reach your goals?

The confidence boost I needed to actually show my music to the world and also be myself on social media has definitely leveled up my music career 10 fold, you can be the best producer in the world, but if no one gets to hear it, then what's the point!

How can people find you & your music?

You can follow me on Instagram & Spotify.

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