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4 benefits of growing your social following

Today we want to present you some incredible opportunities that await those who create a presence on social media...

4 benefits of growing your social following.

Table of Contents:


1 - Connections

First of all, let's talk about connections: It's not a secret that networking is one of the most important things in any industry. Same in the music business. Building connections to advertisers, playlist curators, producers, and all other kinds of creatives like photographers and videographers. Building a connection with these people will really help you to grow in this industry. Make sure that you're active on social media and that your profiles are up to date. When you do this and you start growing a following, it will be easier for you to build connections and for others to reach out to you. Building a network is really important.

How to build your social following in music.

2 - Labels

The same idea works for labels. You probably have heard about how labels interact with new TikTok talents. They are directly searching for them and aggressively trying to sign them. First of all, you hear about bad deals and how shady their contracts are. But if you know your worth and can handle a good deal, you both will profit from it.

Making connections with labels.

3 - Jobs

The number one goal for all producers is to create a living so they can do what they love - producing music. When building an audience on social media, you probably get followers because you are good at something. Rather you're a talented audio engineer, you are amazing at storytelling, and songwriting, a talented drummer, or just you are just amazing at creating those short videos. It doesn't really matter, but you build a skill set, and that's what companies want to see. After building a proper following people ask you for some freelance work like mixing their tracks, singing on their songs, or just sharing knowledge. After some time you may notice that all these side hustles you got through Instagram are building a greater income than your actual job. Then you can quit your job and focus even more on your musical career.

Getting a job in the music industry.

4 - Placements

This is the point where the music production and software or even hardware business flow together. When you get your first 10-20k followers, the first companies will request you to promote their products. Besides the money they pay you, you usually also get their product for free. This can be expensive VSTs, keyboards, audio interfaces, microphones, and all the other stuff you usually sell in the industry. You can really profit from this because you will always stay up to date with new VSTs and don't have to pay for them. Of course, the size of the companies depends on your following. But everyone starts small and as we said, the first companies start requesting at your first 10k to 20k followers.

Music placements.

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