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Social Media JUST Got Easier...

👇 Today, I'm going to show you how everything just changed on social media...🔥


In the past, social media was all-consuming. You had to be an "influencer" showing your "day in the life" and spend hours a day creating content.


Now, that has all changed. You can actually grow more by doing less.


The problem is, most artists are still playing by the old rules & missing out...

The old rules of social media were:

Social media just got easier

Old way:

😅 1. Quantity > Quality:


- "Hustle culture" & "burnout" was the norm...

- The more you post, the more you grow...

- Post on every social media platform...


🤳 2. Be an influencer:


- "Everything is content"...

- Tell everyone everything about you...

- Look polished & professional...


🧑‍💻 3. Longer & highly edited videos performed best: 

- You needed pro editing software...

- Videos took hours to make...

- There was never enough content... 

The new rules of social media:

The new rules of social media

New way: 

😌 1. Quality > Quantity:


- You can start with a simple consistent posting schedule like M, W, F.

- You can spend more time making music.

- Focus on a few social media platforms & get them down.


👤 2. You don't need to be an influencer:

- You don't have to share everything you do.

- You can just focus on making content related to your niche.

- You can be more relaxed/relatable & less polished.

📲 3. Shorter & more raw videos can do better: 

- You can make simple quick quality videos sharing your music.

- You don't need a pro editing software...Use your phone.

- You can schedule content in advance & have more time to optimize it.


  1. It’s getting easier to focus on your music more & be less of an “influencer” online.

  2. With your content: you can focus more on your niche & target audience.

  3. You can create a simple content schedule. The most important thing be consistent & optimize your content.

Next Steps:

I'm helping artists take advantage of these changes personally and working with them on their content. If you’d like to join, check out my Coaching Here.

That's all for today team,



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