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Spotify Won't Help You... THIS Will.

What do 90% of top new artists have in common? 🤔


They all are blowing up because of Instagram & TikTok...NOT Spotify. That's right. If you want streams on Spotify, the best way is to make your music turn into "Trending Audio" on social media. And it actually may be easier than you think... We're seeing more small independent artists than ever organically going viral & getting tens of millions of streams on their first releases. 🚀 Today, I'm going to show you how to do it in 3 steps:

💡 Step 1. Test Quick Ideas

 Most artist's videos that go viral are 10-30 seconds. So you don't need to have an entire track to post about it...

Example: create a quick drop (original, remix, etc) and use it in a video on social media. If it doesn't perform well, it's less of a big deal... you can quickly try another song or video idea. Your ultimate goal is for the music in your video to become "Trending Audio".  

Your music is most likely to become "Trending Audio" if your video goes viral. I highly suggest referencing other viral videos from smaller/mid-sized music artists, as these are ideas that are helping other rising artists blow up. Tweak the videos to fit your vibes/music/personality, You can find all the top viral videos for music artists in my Trending Content Ideas Database that I update weekly (included in my Coaching Membership here).


If your audio does go trending or your video gets a lot more views than normal, it's a clear sign that you should finish that track + create more videos using it.

📣 Step 2: Build Momentum


Now that you have a video with a song idea that's performing well, it's time to create more videos with that song + build momentum & a community behind it.


For this, I suggest flipping more trending videos from smaller/mid-sized music artists. The better your videos are performing, the more of them you should make with that same song.

Ask questions in your videos like "should I release the full version?". Meanwhile, get the song finished and scheduled for release.


It's also highly possible as well that during this time, record labels will reach out asking to sign the track via DM or email.

This was the case for VisionV who I recently hosted an event with on my Coaching Membership. His track became trending audio, and Virgin Music reached out to sign him (see the original video below).

🔥 Step 3: Drop The Track


Finally, it's time to drop the track.

But now, instead of crossing your fingers and hoping it does well, you will have an audience of fans searching and waiting to hear it!

You can keep the momentum going even further by creating multiple edits of the track, have other artists remix it, etc.

Hope you enjoyed this week's guide! I know social media can be complicated, and my goal is to help you every step of the way.

That's all for today team,





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