TEAMMBL Members NuKey are Spinnin' Records 'World's Best Demo Drop' Winners

My Members @nukeymusic ARE WINNERS of @spinninrecords ‘World’s Biggest Demo Drop’ & are getting released on @musicalfreedom! 🔥👇⠀

To become a Member of my Mentoring Team: Go to to join ✅ ⠀

NuKey’s Membership Story:⠀

“So we joined TEAMMBL early 2019 when we were very new to being an artist. Straight away we were made to feel welcome with introductory calls from musicbyLukas and his team, which set the tone for the rest of our experience with them! Before we joined, we were lacking a lot of information and skills in areas all over the place, ranging from music ability, to social media handling, and how to contact labels. But with regular quality workshops, 1-1 sessions with reputable DJs and being immersed in a community as friendly and helpful as TEAMMBL was, it has undoubtedly contributed to us getting to where we are right now. We’ve made producer friends for life, and we feel incredibly lucky to have been part of such a special group that’s doing so much for up and coming producers!”⠀

So proud of these guys - Def go check them out & their upcoming release “Antidote”.⠀⠀

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