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Top 7 free instrument plugins

Earlier this year we presented to you our favorite free VSTs. And now it's time to present you more free plugins to increase your catalog. Here are the top 7 free instrument plugins.

Top 7 free instrument plugins.

Table of Contents:


7 - Native Instruments Komplete Start

Native instruments are absolutely dominating it with their huge Kontakt libraries. But did you know they offer you a free introduction to their whole library? With Komplete Start, you get 18 instruments and effects. These 18 instruments include 7 synthesizers, and 9 sample instruments like drums, strings, and pianos. The last two are first-class FX plugins like Guitar Rig 6 Player. On top of all the instruments, you get 1500 loops and samples to use completely free in all of your productions.

Native Instruments Komplete Start.

6 - Dexed

Dexed is a multi-format synth that is modeled after the Yamaha DX7. At first, the whole interface might look a bit overwhelming. Especially when you look at clean and minimalistic interfaces like you get most of the time nowadays. But as soon as you get to know Dexed a bit better you will love it!


5 - TyrellN6

TyrellN6 is another synth on our list. Here is a small list of what this synth can do. The design is a modeled analog with the classic, old architecture. TyrellN6 comes with 2 oscillators, noise, and a ring modulator. Those can be combined with 2 LFOs with 8 waveforms. In addition, you get an analog type ADSR envelope that can be used loopable or LFO triggered. Those are just some basic examples of what this plugin can do. But the best thing is that you already get 580 factory presets!

TyrellN6 free plugin.

4 - Sennheiser DrumMic’a

Sennheiser? Yes, you read that right, this plugin is made by the people that create awesome headphones and microphones. With DrumMic'a you can record incredible virtual drums with a simple click. Those who are obsessed with details and live recordings will love this plugin even more. An interesting part about this plugin is that you can "record" with different microphones at different positions. For some people this might sound like a boring extra feature they will never use. But if you really want to go into detail this free drum plugin is definitely worth checking out!

Sennheiser DrumMic'a.

3 - Ample Sound Ample Guitar M Lite II

Finding a good-sounding acoustic guitar VST is super hard. But with the lite version of Ample Sound Guitar M, you get the whole acoustic guitar experience straight into your DAW. The great thing is that there's so many parameters and effects that you can tweak to your liking. It might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but after trying it out you'll know what everything does in no time.

Ample Sound Ample Guitar M Lite II.

2 - NoiseAsh Sweetcase Vintage Electric Piano

Since we live in a world where productions sound super overproduced and over-compressed, the analog, vintage vibe is definitely coming back and is super present in the LoFi space. This free piano sounds great and brings the vintage vibes over to your studio. Besides all that it is super easy to use and basically plug and play. Try it yourself!

NoiseAsh Sweet case Vintage Electric Piano

1 - LABS

Last but not least, our favorite on the list. LABS brings incredible quality and easy-to-use instruments to your studio. There are so many good software instruments that you can use completely for free. The words on their own website describe LABS the best: "An infinite series of FREE software instruments, made by musicians, for musicians — for anyone, anywhere. Presented in our dedicated, award-winning plugin, it's easy to use and compatible with any DAW."


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