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How to Make Your Music Trending Audio on Instagram & TikTok

Here's how to make your music go trending + 3 common mistakes nearly everyone makes:

How to make your music trending audio on Instagram & TikTok.

Post a video that has these 2 things:

1. A video that connects with your target audience.

2. Has a catchy clip of your track, that people can easily reuse in their own videos (this is what makes it trend!)

How to connect with an audience: One way is to pretend like you're showing your song to someone you know. We all have experience doing this in real life, so you know the feeling. Make it an intimate moment taking them into your process. If you're a producer, play your track. If you're a singer, sing. If you're a guitarist, play. Finding the right clip of your song (7-30 seconds): If you have a long introduction where you verbally explain the song and the story behind it, it will be hard for people to reuse it. Instead, start the video like you're already in the middle of your performance. Usually either start with the hook of the song or the buildup to the hook. Bonus: Tap into an audience that already exists: People often choose what is familiar & in their comfort zone. This is why nostalgia sells & why we choose the same food at our same favorite restaurant again & again. So if you want people to fall in love with your music, it can be a good strategy to remix music they like with yours or mashup your track with a track they know & love. This helps you tap into a diehard fanbase that already exists and bring them over to your music.

Trending audio on Instagram.

3 common mistakes nearly everyone makes:

1. Waiting until their song is released to post about it:

People want what they can't have. If you show them a clip of something you're working on that isn't out, it makes them cheer you on to finish it and builds hype.

2. Making a video that doesn't connect / doesn't have reusable audio:

If you're trying to make your audio trend, keep the long intros & BTS in your Instagram Stories or in dedicated posts.

3. Thinking they are posting about the same 1 song too much:

We tend to think everyone is watching us all the time and will be bored if we post about our same release 3 times in a row. The truth is, most people who follow you rarely see more than a few of your posts per year & that people have to be reminded about something at least 3 times to have it stick.


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