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Why Your Videos DON'T Get More Views...

🔥 Reels/TikToks are the best way to get your music in front of a new audience on social media... The problem is: most artists are missing a few simple things that could mean the difference between getting no views to going viral.


So today, I'm giving you 7 reasons you might not be getting views, and how to fix it:

🎯 1. You're posting for the wrong audience:

Are you trying to reach other music artists, music listeners, or both? The more you know your specific audience & what content to make to connect with them, the faster you will grow.


This is something we cover & help you fix in-depth in the Course, but basically: this is why it's important to have a target audience in mind for your posts and to figure out your niche.


This way, you'll build an audience that's there for your content who will engage and help get your videos pushed out to new potential followers.

Why your Reels & TikToks don't get views.

🤷 2. Your posts are too random/Have no clear direction:

Before you click "post", you should have in mind what action you want the viewer watching your video to take. Do you want them to share, save, comment? Of course, you want them to do all of the above, but having 1 main action in mind will help you ensure that action happens.

🎥 3. Your posts aren't the right size/the layout is off:

As a general rule: Make sure your videos are filmed in vertical.


Videos that are resized to be vertical from horizontal or that are posted horizontally or square tend to get fewer views.

Also, make sure the text isn't too high or too low where it could be cutoff on mobile/desktop.

🤔 4. You're not using what makes you memorable:

Ask yourself, what makes you memorable: Are you funny, do you play an instrument, do you love fashion, are you really good at sound design, does your voice sound like it's from the 70s?

Most artists I see have things that make them unique that they don't utilize and this can be a missed opportunity.

📲 5. You aren't using reference accounts:

Reference accounts are other artists you reference when creating content. This helps give you content inspiration & insights. You can avoid writers-block & see which content is currently performing best.


✅ Search for accounts you want to reference or use my Trending Content Ideas database to quickly find the most viral content ideas for music artists which you can sort for your niche/personality.

✅ Save their best posts to a folder called "Reference Accounts".

✅ Check these saved posts when trying to figure out what content to make next.

💨 6. People are exiting your post:


A lot of artists tell their followers to go to their "link in bio".


But the problem with this is it gets people to exit your post instead of engaging with it and boosting your reach.


Instead: tell people to comment a word & set up an automation to DM them the link you want automatically with a tool like ManyChat.


This way, you get people to comment on your post & boost its reach + you start a DM conversation with them which lets Instagram know you have a close connection to them.

🪝 7. You're not hooking the viewer (text or non-text):


This is how you make sure your target audience connects with your video.


Let's say a music artist who's frustrated with their videos not getting views happens to see my video and they read my text hook saying "7 reasons your videos aren't getting views" they will almost certainly stop and watch it.


*Pro tip* Most viral videos have a text hook written above the head of the person in the video.


In closing, the point today is about making small adjustments & seeing what works best for you.


Remember: Consistency + Small tweaks + Time = Growth


That's all for today team,



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