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Lucas Pot | Artist Management

Learn how to manage your career from pro artist manager Lucas Pot!

  • 30 min
  • 64.95 US dollars
  • Skype or Discord


WHAT YOU CAN LEARN W/ LUCAS POT: • Getting in touch with big artists / labels • Giving feedback on music • Monetizing your career in different ways (earning money from your tracks, brand or publishing) • Building up your brand in an independent way (self-releasing, promotion, etc) • Finding the right direction for your artist project / your music • Promoting your music / brand yourself (the best & easiest practices) • Finding a management / publishing agency / booking agency • Getting an audit from me of your brand as it is right now (finding the 'weaker spots' of your brand) ABOUT LUCAS POT: I / my artists have signed to are for example Spinnin' Records, Armada Music, Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music, HEXAGON, Heldeep, Confession, Musical Freedom, Future House Music, and many, many more. I also have personally done PR campaigns for Universal Music, Warner Music, and more. Right now I'm working for 5 artists in a management / marketing form: Steff da Campo, Tony Junior, RSCL, Aeden, and Aaron North. I also am working with multiple artists & artist projects on a multiple-track basis, connecting their music with the bigger names & labels in the industry, setting up release & promotion plans, and giving branding/distribution advice. And last but not least, I have previously ran my own imprint Break it Down Music for multiple years, and have recently started two new imprints: Lucas Pot Records (my own imprint, fully ran by myself) & Incension Records (part of a Dutch event brand named Incension)

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