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Mo Falk Hexagon


60 insane presets + bonus midi files created by Hexagon artist: Mo Falk

Serum V1.124 or newer.

TEAMMBL Secret Weapons


All you need to take your tracks from the studio to the stage is a Secret Weapon!

Serum V1.24 or newer.

Serum Presets For Future House


Our popular Next Generation presets are back and bigger than ever before!

Serum V1.23 or newer.

Future Vol.3


Future House Preses


The latest and greatest presets for everything future house, bounce & bass!

Serum V1.113 or newer.

Classic Serum Presets


Presets inspired by some of the biggest legends in electronic music history!

Serum V1.113 or newer.

Next Generation


Young EDM DJ's


Presets custom engineered for the next generation of producers. Get ready!

Serum V1.113 or newer.


We went even bigger with Vol.2 of our future house, bounce & bass soundbank!

Serum V1.113 or newer.

Future Vol.2


Future House for Serum


Truly edgy and epic presets.

If you want something unique and powerful...Listen below!

Serum V1.113 or newer.



Musical Freedm Serum Presets


Everything future in one SoundBank! Our Future house, bounce & bass presets are here for Serum.

Serum V1.113 or newer.

Future Vol.1


Oliver Heldens Style Presets for Serum VST




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Inspired by the biggest songs of the year. We took it up a notch with this one!

Sylenth 3.0 or newer.

Club Bangers


Fisher Style Presets or Sylenth VST