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Hi–I’m Lukas. I help music artists build a following on social media & get their music heard.

My story:


A few years ago I was working a job that I hated at a bank and was dreaming to be able to work in the music industry. I had failed multiple times, and I didn't know what to do.


Fast forward to today where I've worked with artists like Afrojack, KSHMR, & Sam Feldt as well as labels like Warner Music, NCS, & Armada Music and my videos have gained hundreds of millions of views.


So what changed? It wasn't my talent or my passion. It was my social media. Building a following changed everything. It opened doors I didn't know existed, and it helped me achieve goals I couldn't have imagined.


Social media is more important now than ever and my mission is to help you break through the noise with your music career.



 My top 3 tools to help you grow faster: 

🚀 #1 Social Media Growth Course for Music Artists:

*Most Popular: The best way to grow your socials & get your music heard.


🔥 Coaching Membership (Work w/ me Directly):

I'll help you personally + access my trending content ideas database.

📲 Download my Personal Social Media Planner:

Use the Notion template I use to schedule & organize all of my socials.

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