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20+ Viral Hooks Music Artists Use on Instagram & TikTok

🪝 What are "hooks" + why do they matter?

85% of people watch videos without sound...

As an artist, you need a way to get them to turn sound on & hear your music.


Writing a catchy text hook on your videos is one of the best ways to make people curious enough to turn on sound and hear your music.


👇 Here are 20+ Viral Hooks: 1. "This sound feels like [insert vibe]". 2. "When you are about to leave the dancefloor and the DJ drops this [song/remix/mashup]". 3. "Instagram algorithm putting you on to some [insert vibe] music for 2024". 4. "I've worked on this track for [insert time], listened to it 1000s of times, but it still hits the same when I hear it". 5. "Ok but imagine it's [insert time of year], you're driving with the windows down and this song starts playing..." 6. "Writing a new [genre/vibe] song when this happened..." 7. "POV: You're a [what you do] who got over the fear of promoting your music and finally put yourself out there as an artist". 

8. "I wrote this song about [x]". 9. "I remixed [artist] into a [vibe/genre]". 10. "Here is proof that [your genre] is the next big thing..."  11. "3am in my living room pretending it’s a [venue] somewhere and I’m dropping this new track I made". 12. "[Insert your songs release date]... You, this song, and some good car speakers."


13. "If you like [insert a genre] and [insert your genre] then you need to hear this". 14. "Calling all [insert artist name] fans... My name is [your name] and I'm a small artist for you to gatekeep". 15. "This is the song you hear when you're [x]". 16. “If you like [insert song vibe], you maybe found the right place”.


17. "Made this song at [insert time], what feeling does it give you?". 18. "I wanna drop this [song/remix/mashup], but does anyone even listen to music like this anymore?". 19. "These two songs together is just [insert vibe]". 20. "This song is yours in [x] days". 21. "Can we bring back [insert your genre] music in 2024?".


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