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5 Shortcuts to Growth on Social Media

It takes the average artist years of grinding to finally grow on social media...

Most artists know these ways exist, but they aren't willing to commit to them.


But if you're willing, you will save yourself years & build a true fanbase for your music...🔥


👇 5 shortcuts to success on social media:

🔍 1. Reference accounts:


Reference accounts are other artists you reference when creating content.


The shortcut: 

Helps give you content inspiration & insights. You can avoid writers-block & see which content is currently performing best.


How to use it:

✅ Search for accounts you want to reference or use my Trending Content Ideas database to quickly find the most viral content ideas for music artists which you can sort for your niche/personality.

✅ Save their best posts to a folder called "Reference Accounts".

✅ Check these saved posts when trying to figure out what content to make next.


📓 2. Guides:


Guides (Newsletters/Blogs) on social media.


How it's a shortcut:

You can quickly learn the basics of complicated topics. You can also bookmark/save guides and refer back to them anytime you're feeling stuck.


Pro tips:

✅ Find websites with guides (all mine are here) & bookmark/subscribe to them.

✅ You can use AI tools like to read them to you on the go.

✅ Remember that guides mostly cover the basics.


📆 3. Planners:


Planners are templates/organizers.


How it's a shortcut:

Plan & schedule your content in advance saving you hours of time every week.

Pro tips:

✅ Create a *free* account on Notion (or a similar website).

✅ Use my Social Media Planner or create your own.

✅ Organize your content in advance & create templates you can reuse.


🚀 4. Specialized Courses:


Courses are step-by-step programs you can do on your own time.


How it's a shortcut:

This is how you can figure out big things like your artist brand, niche, how to film/edit, etc. Learn years of information in a short time.


Pro tips:

✅ Find a course that's specific for your needs (like being a music artist).

✅ Schedule a time to complete the course & actually get it done.

✅ If you're taking my course, utilize all the fill-in-the-blank steps at the end of each unit to really figure out your artist brand, etc.


🏆 5. Direct Coaching:


*THIS* one is the best shortcut of all:


Coaches are mentors who are already successful at what you aspire to achieve (for example: having a following on social media).


How it's a shortcut:

Your coach gets to know you & your goals and gives you tailored guidance to save you years of struggle.


Pro tips:

✅ Avoid coaching programs where the coach isn't personally involved/won't get to know you and your specific needs. On my Coaching Membership, I work daily with all my members and get to know them.

✅ Be real/open with your coach. The more they know, the more they can help.

✅ Ask questions even if you think they're silly.


That's all for today team,





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