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Instagram Just Made It Easier for Small Artists to Grow

👇 If you have under 10,000 followers... Keep reading.

This week, Instagram announced a key algorithm update that's going to make it easier for small accounts to grow.

Many artists are unaware of this & what it means.


Today, I'm showing you what changed & how you can take advantage of it to grow the following you've always wanted. 🚀


👀 The big news:


The best way to grow is when your Reels are pushed/recommended by Instagram organically to non-followers, so they can follow you.


The problem was that in the past, Instagram ranked & recommended content primarily based on how your current followers engaged with it.

This meant that accounts with the largest followings often were the only ones who saw the most growth... 😅


But now...


Now, every piece of your content will be shared with both current-followers and non-followers giving you a better chance to grow your following regardless of how well your content performs! 🔥 As this audience engages with your Reels, your top performing Reels are shown to a slightly wider audience, then the best of these are shown to an even wider group, and so on. You can see Instagram's full post about the update here.

Here's how to take advantage of this, and grow! 

👥 1. Decide on a Target Audience:


Your "Target Audience" is who you want to follow you most.



Would you rather have people follow you who make music or only listen to music?


If they don't make music, they probably wouldn't want to watch tutorials.

Knowing this will help you create the right content which will get more of the right people to follow you.


📲 2. Find trending content to reference & tweak for your vibe:


"Trending Content" is the content that's getting the most engagement & being pushed/recommended by Instagram to the most potential new followers.



You see a video trending from a DJ with the text hook:

"you're about to leave the dancefloor and the DJ drops this mashup..."

If you're a producer who loves writing emotional/deep music, you could tweak the video to be:

"you're about to leave the studio for the night when you accidentally start writing your most emotional melody yet..."


You can check out my Trending Content Ideas Database with the top 100+ videos for music artists I update every week. You can access here with my Coaching.

📆 3. Create a simple system to stay consistent & make growing easy:


I shared a guide with my system & content schedule for you here to use.



1. Choose your content topics.

2. Choose the days you want to film that content.

3. Choose the days you want to post the content.

4. Choose the day you want to analyze your results to tweak things for the following week.

That's all for today team,





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